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Things You Didn't Know About Manuka Honey

While all honey is sweet, Manuka honey isn’t your average honey, it’s an exceptionally unique substance with medicinal properties and applications. The rich and decadent flavour of true Manuka honey is but a taste of what this magnificent honey has to offer. Here’s what you should know about Manuka honey, why it’s good for you, and why you should choose The Bee Society as your source for authentic Manuka honey. 


What Manuka Honey Can Do for You

Manuka honey production is heavily regulated, resulting in high standards and ultimately superior quality. The Bee Society holds itself to the highest standard of quality as a producer of some of the finest, most potent, and delicious honey in the world.  

People from all over the world value Manuka honey for its medicinal properties as well as its distinctively irresistible flavour. Depending on the MGO rating, Manuka honey boosts digestive health, immunity, and overall wellness.

You should also know that the MGO rating can be used as an indication of how potent the health benefits of a canister of Manuka honey should be. For example, an MGO rating of 100 is great for your overall well-being, while a canister of Manuka honey with an MGO rating of 200 is strong enough to boost digestive health. 

A container of Manuka honey with a rating of 400 or higher is potent enough to help with everything from supporting digestive health, to facilitating a strong immune system, and healthy skin. You can use Manuka honey as a face mask to treat acne. It’s effective against acne because of its anti-inflammatory properties.  


The Bee Society

The Bee Society is proud to offer you some of the best-tasting, purest, and healthiest Manuka honey products around. Whether you’ve never tried Manuka honey before or if you have tried it previously and you’re looking for something better, The Bee Society has what you’re looking for. 

Here at The Bee Society, we focus on quality as opposed to quantity which is why we offer a selection that is modest in terms of variety yet incredibly deep in terms of quality.  

Discover a new approach to health and wellness with Manuka honey from your friends at The Bee Society!