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How to NOT eat honey, in order to keep the benefits

Raw honey and regular pasteurised honey. What should you eat, how should you consume any honey you get?

The number one rule is DON'T HEAT IT UP.

The process of pasteurisation involves heating the honey to high temperatures, around 71°C (160°F), usually to kill off yeast that can cause the honey to ferment over time, and thus increase the shelf life of the honey. After that other sweeteners and such may be added to keep costs down.

Raw honey has generally been processed at less than 47°C (118°F) and retains its benefits. The Bee Society Manuka Honey is of course raw in order to allow for the most health benefits possible.

While there is a lack of studies comparing pasteurised honey and raw honey, there are a few studies indicating pasteurised honey contains few of the benefits.

So never mix it with boiling liquids if you wish to gain all the benefits Manuka Honey can bring to you! The Bee Society range is completely unpasteurised to retain its natural goodness and benefits.