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Manuka Honey, the Ambrosia of New Zealand

New Zealand means something different to everyone. For some folks, New Zealand invokes picturesque scenes from the Lord of the Rings. For others, it makes them think of the sweet, inimitable taste of Manuka honey. While New Zealand is known for many different things, Manuka honey is arguably one of the island nation’s most valuable contributions to the world. Here’s an introduction to Manuka honey, what it is, why you should try it, and how it can give you a new appreciation for life.

Introducing Manuka Honey, the Ambrosia of New Zealand

There’s honey, and then there’s Manuka honey, the golden ambrosia of New Zealand. While all honey is sweet, Manuka honey exhibits a flavour so unique, that it’s desired by people from around the world. 

It’s not all about the flavour either, Manuka honey has some impressive health benefits that make it an essential item for anyone who enjoys a healthy lifestyle. Many have embraced Manuka honey as an essential skincare product while others enjoy it for its ability to support the immune system and digestive health. 

Manuka honey is unique in that its production doesn’t harm any of the bees who make it possible to create. While the bees certainly play their part, Manuka nectar is harvested from Manuka trees. The bees then turn the luscious nectar of the Manuka tree into Manuka honey. Manuka trees are native to New Zealand which makes both the trees and the honey they bear exquisitely unique.  

You should know that Manuka honey is not the same as Australian honey. Manuka honey is made from the Leptospermum Scoparium, which is the botanical name for the Manuka tree found only in New Zealand. 

When you taste Manuka honey, you will taste delicate floral notes that will remind you just how sweet life can be. Consuming Manuka honey is a great way to live a healthy lifestyle without compromising on flavour.

When it Comes to Manuka Honey, The Bee Society Is a Cut Above the Rest

When shopping for Manuka honey, it’s important to work with a producer who holds themselves to the highest standards of quality. The Bee Society takes the process of making Manuka honey responsibly extremely seriously. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of quality so that you can enjoy one of the richest and most lusciously delicious honey on the planet.  

Take a look at our selection and give Manuka honey a try, life’s too short not to do it!