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Manuka Honey and the Difference Between MGO and UMF Ratings

Manuka honey is the pride of New Zealand. Its rich and unparalleled flavour combined with the tangible health benefits it offers makes it one of the most highly desired kinds of honey in the world. If you are relatively unfamiliar with Manuka honey, you may also be unfamiliar with the meaning of an MGO, or UMF rating. 

If you’re interested in trying Manuka honey, you’ll want to take time to learn the difference between MGO and UMF ratings will help you avoid unnecessary confusion. 


What Is an MGO and UMF Rating, and What’s the Difference Between the Two

Before diving into what MGO and UMF stand for and what distinguishes them from one another, let’s take a look at the purpose of these ratings. MGO and UMF are ratings that were put in place to help people learn more about the level of quality in virtually any container of Manuka honey. 

MGO refers to the methylglyoxal compounds that give Manuka honey the amazing medicinal properties that it's known for.  

UMF stands for Unique Manuka Factor, a rating system that was pioneered by New Zealand’s UMF Honey Association. 

Most Manuka honey products of good quality average 100 MGO or higher. While 2,000 is the highest possible MGO rating, it’s extremely uncommon to find Manuka honey with an MGO rating anywhere near 2,000. 

The highest possible UMF rating is 30 and it’s rare to see any Manuka honey with a UMF rating any higher than 25. 

So what do these ratings mean? They’re indicators that help people grade the purity of the honey. While UMF ratings are potentially more comprehensive, MGO ratings are comparatively more straightforward and easy to understand. 


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