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People matter to us


Through your purchases, The Bee Society is committed to helping the children in crisis, for the children today are the future of tomorrow. 

At the current moment, The Bee Society is committed to the 40-Hour Famine - Refugee Crisis by donating/providing the following to the Syrian Refugee Children: 

  • give a child a complete stationery pack
  • provide nutritious morning tea for a child for an extended period
  • provide art, sports and counselling to children recovering from trauma 
  • give teachers the tools they need to provide critical education 

These refugees are staying in refugee camps or in makeshift accommodation such as garages, broken down buildings and in self-constructed tents. Living conditions in these accommodations are harsh, and families often struggle to access the essentials - food, clean water and shelter from weather conditions. Children are susceptible to malnutrition and diseases brought on by poor sanitation.

The Syrian children have lost family members, their homes and witnessed or experienced violence. Many were forced to labour in dangerous or demeaning circumstances to support themselves. They are missing out on many things that children need in order to grow – an education, interaction with other children and safe, solid homes to go back to. 

Read more on Facts on the Crisis 

What is a Child-Friendly Space?

Child-Friendly Spaces are safe, supportive places where kids have access to arts, sports, education and counselling so they can start to recover from the trauma of war, and just be kids again. Children can learn critical literacy and numeracy skills.

    • Be kids again in a fun place with sports, team and cultural activities.
    • Express their feelings through role-plays, dance and talking.
    • Find out important information about what is happening around them.
    • Be looked after while their parents or caregivers attend to daily activities. 

    Every little count to bring hope to children and families fighting for survival - Shop now